postponed to
April 3–4, 2022
Hoppe-Seyler-Str. 3
72076 Tübingen
M.H. at 1, 8 and 30 months, before and after TPP treatment

With the highly contagious Omicron strain having become the predominant variant around the world, we cannot take responsibility for an in-person meeting, however. The meeting will take place as an online event (via Zoom), only most speakers and chairpersons will be on site in Tübingen.

As we had to postpone the date of this meeting already twice, we decided to stick to our current plan to host the meeting on April 3-4 2022.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Tübingen and will do our best to present latest developments in the care for RS patients also in an online-only format! This also includes the workshop on April 5 and the poster sessions, which will be done using special software.

Dear Colleagues, dear Guests,

Following the first meeting in Utrecht, NL, and the second in Toronto, Canada, the Tübingen team took up the challenge of hosting the third International Consensus Meeting on Robin Sequence (RS) in Tübingen, Germany.

The unpredictable development of the pandemic has led us to opt for a hybrid format, i.e., the conference will take place as a local event with physical presence (all but 3 speakers have already agreed to come to Tübingen), but both, speakers and participants, may also opt for online-only participation if they wish.

As true for many rare conditions, treatment approaches for Robin Sequence vary considerably, as randomized controlled trials are difficult to perform. Evidence for different treatments, however, can also be based on cohort studies. This requires agreement on the relevant outcomes tested in such studies, i.e. the definition of a common data set to be used in future clinical studies on Robin Sequence.

The latter will be the main subject during the upcoming 3rd international Robin Sequence meeting. We expect renowned speakers from around the world to present their latest data with a focus on a quantification of sleep-related upper airway obstruction and failure to thrive as the two most relevant early outcomes in RS. Also, is there mandibular catch-up growth in RS? What is the long-term outcome and quality-of-life after the various interventions used, and what do parents think?

Whichever approach is being taken, RS treatment requires a team approach, and this is not only reflected by our organizing committee, but also by the faculty of this meeting.

Tübingen is an old medieval university town (the university was founded in 1477) located in the beautiful south-west of Germany.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Tübingen!


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